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November Re-Brand Update

This is an update on product rebranding and reminder that our brand licensing agreement with Fluke will come to an end on December 31 2016.

As you are aware, NETSCOUT has to change the color and brand of all former Fluke Networks products to the new NETSCOUT brand by this time, but we have let you know that there will be a few products that will not re-brand until 2017.  To help you manage your own re-brand efforts we’d like to advise you of the following key points:

  • In 2016, we introduced AirCheck G2 and OptiView XG in their new NETSCOUT look.
  • The planned rebranding of LinkRunner, LinkSprinter, and OneTouch Has Now Moved into 2017.
  • Your channel account manager will receive information in advance of the release of the rebranded products to provide you with enough time to sell off any remaining Fluke Network branded inventory, update your ordering systems, and order the new NETSCOUT branded products and demo systems.
  • Even though the products themselves are changing color, All SKUs and UPC codes for the newly rebranded products will remain the same to minimize the impact on your systems.

We will continue to issue regular re-branding updates via email and our monthly partner newsletter, please contact your Channel Account Manager or other members of your regional channel team with any specific questions pertaining to the re-brand process.

For any queries regarding this information, please contact your local Channel Marketing Manager:



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