Surveillance as a Service

December 31, 2018

Surveillance as a crucial aspect

A video surveillance camera system serves in the front line in battling theft, break-ins, crime, or any suspicious behaviour within any premises. With a web-hosted video surveillance system, critical sites can be monitored using a cloud-based system with real-time capabilities and scalable solutions with options to manage, play, record, store, and monitor surveillance footage. The footage isn’t stored onsite, and a VMS is not required. All that required is:

  • IP camera system
  • Internet connection
  • Video surveillance service provider

VSaaS is a remote defense strategy where IP cameras are installed depending on your desired location and stream live security footage to the service provider’s site.
Since video monitoring is entirely managed in the cloud, a person can easily access the cameras and footage at any time of the day through internet-capable devices such as desktops, laptops computers, smartphones, or tablets.

Benefits of Using VSaaS

  • You only need IP cameras that can send and receive data through the cloud. These cameras can also function with or without a network attachment.
  • Receiving immediate alerts through email and real-time updates anywhere at any time.
  • Easy setup system with scalable solutions.
  • No dedicated servers or store footage onsite.
  • Plug-and-play capability of IP cameras.
  • Offers increased security and the capability to run 24 hours a day.
  • 100 percent cloud-based application with cross-browser capability.

Global Video Surveillance and VSaaS MarketIndustries That Utilize VSaa

  • Infrastructure, central governments, and city surveillance – Overall analysis and management from vehicular accidents and pedestrian traffic to various crimes and vandalism.
  • Banking security – A 24-hour video surveillance of banks and nearby areas for added security, eliminating the risk of storing on-site data.
  • Environmental or agricultural projects – For constant monitoring of specific weather conditions, natural calamities, as well as experimentation or observance of behavioral patterns in animals.
  • Retail – Using VSaaS in businessesshow decreasing rates of crime-related events.
  • Transport industry – Shows insights of traffic flow and can help minimize vandalism or graffiti instances and protects the people against theft while on public transit.
  • Education – Added layer of security for students, teachers, and school staff.
  • Hotel, residential development, or housing authorities – Can help regulate and monitor the construction and development of existing sites to reduce instances of vandalism, theft, or accidents.

A Game-Changing Trend for Consumers and Businesses

The security industry has greatly transformed over the years due to the impressive innovation of video surveillance technology. Video surveillance using IP-based systems have become more valuable for archiving and managing surveillance video footage via cloud storage. The increasing demand for video surveillance systems are mainly driven by the escalating safety and security concerns across countries. Learning how VSaaS work in today’s digital world is crucial as it continuously grows and spreads. Let’s be informed with the latest technology to make use of what modern surveillance can provide.